8 Ball Pool Multiplayer Game 5.11.2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Developer: Miniclip.com Android Version:4.4 Current Version:5.11.2
Date:Jan 05, 2023

App Review

8 Ball Pool MOD is the most realistic and the most popular billiards phone game out there today. The game relies on extremely realistic physics that makes the play as real as possible. The game was designed to be just about playing pool.

The playing screen is a bit minimalist but that goes with the basic idea of the game. You see the table, the cue, and the balls. You see a picture of yourself or your avatar and a picture of your opponent. A side tube shows the balls that have dropped. The counters besides the pictures show the balls left for each payer. A central score keeper shows how much game currency is presently at stake for the game you are playing. You can change cues. The table décor changes depending on the location that you are playing in.

One of the most interesting things 8 Ball Pool is the line guide. The line guide works in the practice area and in the games. The line guide lines up a potential shot from the tip of the cue to the target ball. You can see the most likely trajectory of the target ball. This little feature is very helpful in picking the right shot to keep a run going. You also get the advantage of being able to see what a really difficult shot is most likely to do. The guide is based on the average of what has happened in thousands of real pool games.

  • Game can be played one on one.
  • Pool legends are available as opponents.
  • The game is an international pool contest.
  • Tournament play for eight players at a time is available.
  • Wins produce coins.
  • Coins allow players to purchase unique cues and customize tables.
  • Wins produce the opportunity to play in better venues for higher stakes.
  • The game can be tied to a Facebook account for direct challenges on Facebook.

8 Ball Pool is a must have if you even like to play pool at all. This game can really teach you about the physics of pool in a way you never saw before. You can have some fun and sharpen you game so you make more real money.