8-Bit Farm 1.2.9 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Developer: Kairosoft Android Version:4.4 The Size:34M Current Version:1.2.9
Date:Nov 01, 2021

App Review

8-Bit Farm MOD – The farming simulation game has a more humble appearance than other titles in this genre and while its graphics may be charmingly old school, they do not serve to detract from the overall game play in any sort of meaningful way. Control systems are very intuitive and 8 Bit Farm is easily understood by gamers of all skill levels.

The farm in this game is in need of a new manager and players can step into these shoes and take control. Every aspect of the farm is now your responsibility and the better you become at taking care of your new farm, the more chances you will have to receive prizes and accolades.

As your fields expand and your farming acumen grows, you’ll have the chance to participate in agricultural tourism. The more prizes you are able to win, the more visitors you are able to attract and the best part of this game for me was figuring out how to challenge myself and push my farming skills to the absolute limit.

8 Bit Farm is also equipped with a wide range of fun features to bolster game play, such as:

  • Contests to enter, where you can test your ability to raise your produce production levels and properly place your farming facilities.
  • The chance to receive photos of your progress and exchange them for much needed supplies.
  • Festivals that are chock full of mini games and puzzles to help you pass the time.
  • A National Farm Ranking that allows you to measure your progress against others.

8 Bit Farm is one of the more interesting and immersive farming simulation games that I have played in some time and those who wish to remain up to date about other titles like this one are urged to add this site to their bookmarks and return regularly.

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