A Girl Adrift 1.376 MOD APK (Free Purchase)

Developer: DAERI SOFT Inc Android Version:5.1 The Size:84M Current Version:1.376
Date:Sep 19, 2023

App Review

A Girl Adrift MOD – With the world entirely submerged in water, this is a game you can enjoy playing anytime in the day. Graphically simulated to capture real scenery, you can enjoy drifting past obstacles as you finish one adventure and progress to another. This game begins with a girl that is endangered in hurricane troubled areas. And in the struggle to remain alive, you can control her as she drifts through the waters to find a haven.

If this is your first time of playing this game, be ready to get splashed by the different waters of the world. You will find yourself in a world ravaged by storms of different kinds, and you should master the needed skills for beating the dangers of the ocean. The thundering and lightening may take down your vessel. So, getting enough courage to drift passed these natural elements is very essential. Apart from the lightning and thunder, there are dangerous creatures that will try to take you out. You should watch out for sharks more than any other creature. You’d be drifting on deadly water, and each area has its group of creatures. As much as you can, don’t allow these creatures disrupt your vessel. If you are not skillful enough in drifting past them, you may end up sinking deep in the ocean.

Some of the features of this game are as follows:

  • An agile girl ready for the oceans of the world
  • A therapeutic sound of the seas which induces sleep
  • A vessel for taking the biggest catch for earning points

This is a game you will be happy to play. Apart from drifting through different bodies of water, you can earn points by going for the big catches. As long as you’re drifting past the sea monsters, you can earn points by setting up traps and finding them. Rather than allow these sea monsters submerge you in the sea, gather enough courage to capture them during your journey. This game is suitable for children who are as old as three.

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