Ace Fishing: Wild Catch 8.1.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Developer: Com2uS Android Version:5.0 Current Version:8.1.1
Date:May 26, 2023

App Review

Ace Fishing: Wild Catch MOD is an amazing 3-D fishing adventure game. In this game, players need not worry about having any form of fishing experience. All that you need is to use the Blue Point to fish with just a tap. Players travel the world fishing in the most amazing and famous fishing places. This game, though simple with its one touch control is addictive. In fact, this is fishing made easy with the best of graphics and gameplay. On this game, players have access to tutorials. These tutorials will help you master fishing skills with rewards earned. The graphics are amazing and jaw- dropping. The user interface is apt and at best interactive.

In Ace Fishing: Wild Catch, players can use customizable fishing rods. The fishing lines come in many lengths and tensile strength. The truth is; this is an adventure where fish movement is stunning mimicking realism. Players can fish in places like the Amazon Rivers, China, and Hanauma Bay. In fact, the fishing areas around the world are limitless. The fishing rods are well equipped with accessories. This guarantees more power. Players can earn and use pearl powders to power their fishing rods.

In fact, players have the opportunity to break world records by catching the biggest fish. As a player, you can take part in competitive fishing tournaments around the globe. Players earn high rankings using Lure Crafting System to catch fishes while fishing. There is a special fever mode to help increase player’s stats to the max. Utilizing this mode enables you to catch your dream fish.


Once installed, players have access to many unique features.

  • play in the special fever mode
  • a special league ranking
  • use pearl powder to power up accessories on you accessorized fishing rod
  • the Lure Crafting System
  • global ranking through global fishing tournaments.
  • privilege to travel the world fishing
  •  customizable fishing rod
  • privilege to enjoy jaw-dropping 3-D graphics
  • play in many languages

Ace Fishing: Wild Catch is a fishing adventure game with a difference. It is free to play once downloaded. Although free, players must buy certain in-game items to have full access to these items.

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