Age of Kings: Skyward Battle 3.24.2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money & Gems)

Developer: Elex Android Version:5.0 Current Version:3.24.2
Date:Nov 29, 2022

App Review

Assemble your battleships and prepare for war in Age of Kings: Skyward Battle. In an adventure to conquer the world, there is no retreating. To be the supreme monarch of an empire in this MMOSLG, you must be ready to take your battles to the skies. At your service are hundred of distinctive heroes and heroines who are ever willing to lay down their lives to ensure a successful mission. In such a game as this, you cannot just expect to lead your troops to victory on a platter of gold. Obviously, things wouldn’t just happen that way because you are a fighter!

Be bold to gather your fearless and skilled heroes and heroines and set them in an array for action-packed battles. Apart from seeking to acquire valuable resources, your main aim in this motivating MMOSLG is to protect your empire and dominate the world. In real-time, you will be suppressing your enemies, expanding your empire, and developing resource areas. While exploring the world map, always ensure to keep an eye on these missions. Here are some exciting features you might be interested in;

  • Make a selection of castle designs and customize your empire with various unit and building combinations.
  • Maximize the growth and development of your kingdom by joining forces with your allies.
  •  Defeat your common enemies and expand your empire.
  • Rally your troops together to defend your empire.
  • Organize fearless and skilled heroes and heroines as you gather valuable resources.

In order to effectively defeat your common enemies, you must be ready to rally your troops together and maximize the growth of your kingdom. This can also be achieved by forging alliances with other players in the game. Are you ready to take your battles to the skies, lead a troop and gather resources?