Agent Dash – Run, Dodge Quick! 5.7_1055 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Developer: Full Fat Android Version:7.0 Current Version:5.7_1055
Date:Jul 19, 2023

App Review

Agent Dash MOD is the type of game that will surprise players who expected a typical over the shoulder endless runner. I regularly found myself having real life reactions to the events that were taking place in the game, a sure sign that it has sank its hooks into me. Gamers are given the opportunity to assume the role of a secret agent and the graphics are as gorgeously realized as any. There are a wide range of obstacles to avoid and it combines game play elements of popular endless runner games like Temple Run with the story elements of secret agent games of yore.

Controlling your secret agent is rather easy, as all it takes are some simple swipes. In order to shoot you way out of certain scenarios, you will need to learn how to tap on the screen as needed. There are also diamonds to collect that can be used for various upgrades and while they can be difficult to grab on the run, this only serves to add to the intrigue. Once you’ve gathered the proper amount of diamonds, power ups become more readily available, including magnets and rocket packs. After you have made your purchases, they will pop up on the screen automatically during your running.

The speeds of your runs also increase along the way, adding to the game’s level of difficulty and making for a more addictive experience. If you are the type of person who enjoys runner games that have an added twist, Agent Dash is the title for you. I found myself almost immediately transfixed and I highly recommend this game, as it is one of the pinnacles of its chosen genre. Those who wish to learn more about other games of this nature are urged to come back to my website as often as possible.

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