Air Battle : World War | Sky f 1.0.94 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Developer: captains Android Version:4.4 The Size:79M Current Version:1.0.94
Date:Oct 06, 2020

App Review

Air Battle: World War MOD is a game in which players fight enemies as a pilot. It offers real life simulations and you have several fighter planes to use. You will fight against several enemy camps. Apart from planes, you also have different types of balloons and airships. There is sophisticated equipment for ground units too. You have to brace up as there are over 50 missions awaiting you. Don’t worry, the beauty of every game lies in the pleasure you derive from playing it and not whether you win or lose. It is all part of the fun.

There are 18 fighters that have been created after real military heroes. You will have to confront so many bombers, fighters, hot-air balloons and airships. So, it is not just about shooting, well thought out military strategies are required. You will need to accomplish 40 normal missions and additional 14 custom missions. Each mission has a wide array of modes. There are defense mode, looting mode, slaughtering mode and tracking mode to mention a few of them. It is quite advisable to take time to study the capabilities of each weapon. It is vital to the success of your missions.

For instance, with Le, Prieur rocket, you can eliminate over 10 enemy fighters and the whole of ground unit with just one shot. To make the game feel as realistic as possible, there are various weather conditions and various terrains. There are some useful weapons and items like advanced fighter, rocket, extra gas and repair kits available for sale. Nothing captivates players like the wide crystal clear cockpit views.

Thanks to the great graphics and fast controllers If you have been hoping to join the military without success, this game offers a great opportunity to simulate your military experience. You will encounter the pleasure of destroying enemies’ camps right from your cockpit. You can have a feel of the game on

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