Ancient Secrets of the Mummy 1.1.0 MOD APK

Developer: iCandy Games Android Version:4.0.3 The Size:55M Current Version:1.1.0
Date:Aug 30, 2017

App Review

Ancients Secrets of the Mummy MOD is a fun game that teaches players about mummification. This ancient practice has been incorporated into the game to make players discover the hidden mysteries of how Egyptians preserve the dead. You begin your journey as a new embalmer, following your search for knowledge and the hidden treasures of the ancient world.

With enhanced graphics, actions are made to look very real in a simulated mode. You are on an expedition, and this is the right time to explore and dig out those treasures that were hidden in the pyramids of great kings and queens of Egypt, by their servants. In your journey to learning the wonders of Egypt in different pyramids, you will encounter the ghost of an embalmer who was unable to cross to the after life. He has been lurking aimlessly in the tombs, waiting for the right time be freed from this misery. The gate of the after life has been closed to him, and it is your duty that your friend enters the paradise he’s been seeking for so long.

The time has come for you to unravel the secrets of how ancient science works. Think of modern ways in which you can solve the complex puzzles of the ancients. There are many artifacts to discover as you use your modern tools to dig deep into the scariest parts of Pharaoh’s pyramid. Become an expert artifact collector as you defy the ancient traps, and beat the ancient puzzles and technology that ancient builders and engineers never thought any one could intellectually crack. Put yourself on this task and test your intellectual capacity to solve ancient mysteries.

Here are some features of the game:

  • Help your new ghost friend get into the after life.
  • Solve ancient puzzles to uncover ancient mysteries.
  • Discover artifacts that have been cleverly concealed by Pharaoh’s servants.

If you want to learn so much about the first place in which civilization started, get this game on your mobile phone and begin your journey into the terrains of ancient Egypt. See how civilization was at that time.

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