Antidote 7.79 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Developer: Psyon Games Android Version:4.1 Current Version:7.79
Date:Jun 19, 2019

App Review

Antidote MOD – While there are a number of gamers who will traditionally seek out more serious games with an engrossing story line, difficult game play and an objective that is challenging to reach, there is also a place for more casual titles that allow us to unplug our brains for a little while and decompress.

This is a great title for those who ever wondered what life under the microscope is like. The story is centered around the battle for the livelihood of a precious stem cell that is under attack and thanks to the marvelous graphics, intuitive control systems and easy to understand game play, you will definitely find yourself having a hard time putting this one down once you have gotten started.

The body’s defense systems need your help and since the game has been inspired by science, there is no shortage of new and interesting ideas on display. You’ll need to beat a series of progressively difficult levels and find out more about the dark forces that are causing the body to experience infections.

There are also several features that are designed to enhance your level of enjoyment while playing Antidote, including:

  • Game play that is very easy to start, while remaining incredibly difficult to beat.
  • A series of adorable characters to get to know better, even the deadly bacteria.
  • A combination of tower defense game principles and classic science ideas.
  • The chance to use real scientific principles to unlock several all powerful defenses.
  • Levels that have been designed in a manner that is uniquely beautiful as it is challenging.
  • A structure of game play that provides equal levels of fun for players of all ages, making Antidote a great addition to every family’s gaming library.

Antidote is one of the more interesting titles that I have picked up in some time and its use of realistic scientific principles allows it to stand apart from similar titles in the casual gaming realm. Would you like to remain fully up to date about other titles just like this one? Be sure to return to this website on a regular basis for more information.

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