Asterix and Friends 3.0.6 MOD APK

Developer: gameXcite GmbH Android Version:8.0 The Size:142M Current Version:3.0.6
Date:Sep 18, 2023

App Review

Asterix And Friends MOD – This game pictures a Gaulish land that has been invaded by the Roman army. To stop their further advancement into your inter-lands, you are given the responsibility of thwarting their attacks and making them retreat to their base. The Roman army has ravaged some of your lands, and it’s time you get back to rebuilding a village that was once peaceful. Form allies with characters ranging from Asterix, Obelix and a host of others as you begin your adventure.

You need resources to help to build a new village. As such, you will need the assistance of your friends, as you make plans towards achieving your goals. There are also many activities you can engage in to fortify your friends for the fierce battle ahead. As you walk through many territories, there are wild boars you can hunt down, and big sea creatures to catch. You can also collect other food materials to prepare delicious meals for your friends, as you continue your journey towards the ancient city of Egypt.

The funny side of this game is that you can use the animals you catch as weapons. You can throw them into the faces of your enemies as you take them down one after another. This is an adventurous game and as you drive your enemies from your village, your you must establish camps to repel further enemy attacks. Moreover, what can make you a true champ in this game is how cooperative you are with your friends. You need them to stand with you in battle. This is because you can never tell when the Romans may spring a surprise invasion. The Roman army wants to take charge of the whole earth with iron, but the Gaulish way of life can cleverly give the Romans a surprise defeat.

Here are some features of the game:

  • Form allies with favorite characters to prevent further Roman army attacks.
  • Hunt for animals and fish for giant sea creatures to feed your friends.
  • Gather enough resources to rebuild a ravaged village.

This game is good for those who love team work. Learn how it’s done in this game as you join forces to improve a village that the Roman army could have successfully besieged.

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