Auto Battles Online: AFK PvP

Developer: Tier 9 Game Studios --
Date:Sep 22, 2023

App Review

AFK gaming presents to you the biggest and best selection of items to date – with thousands upon thousands of items to choose from, you can equip your heroes with whatever you want for new and improved gameplay styles! Create the perfect team for yourself and fight other players online for glory. Win idle battles to upgrade your team and become stronger than ever before so you can dominate all of your opponents. You can play casually with friends or go all out to try and climb up the player rankings. Join guilds, do world events and make your team look as good as possible with a ton of different gear options.
• Build and upgrade your team of heroes, pit them against other teams in online multiplayer
• No frustrating tapping or joystick controls, place your heroes on the battlefield and let them do the work autochess-style
• Beat other teams to level up your team and improve their abilities
• Join the very active and wholesome community of other players
• Free-to-play friendly, all players can obtain the best gear with earned in-game gold
• Fight to be the best – build an unbeatable team and climb to the top of the player rankings
• Upgrade your team’s armor, weapons and magic to get even more powerful
• Train your team against waves of enemies in the dungeon
• Join guilds and play alongside friends

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