Ball Blast Cannon blitz mania 2.3.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Coins)

Developer: VOODOO Android Version:5.1 The Size:69M Current Version:2.3.1
Date:May 06, 2023

App Review

Ball Blast MOD – This game is a 95-level thrilling block-breaking game that you probably have never played before. Although it looks very simple, it is very engaging and engrossing. While you can easily understand how to play the game, you can never master it. As you advance in the game, it becomes more difficult, more engaging, and more immersive. It has lot of fun and thrills with fast paced series of actions. As a player, your objective is to destroy the advancing blocks and circles as quickly as you can, before they reach your shooter.

Each level comes with more difficulty than the previous level because the speed of the advancing blocks and circles will also increase. You also have to keep bouncing balls from dropping off the screen. You should aim at the blocks continuously and see them blast in a captivating fashion. It offers great graphics as well as wonderful sound effects especially when the balls explode. The game will keep your adrenaline pumping all through the game.

Some important features of the game

  • It has about 95 levels and more levels are being expected
  • It has engaging and addictive game play
  • It has fine graphics coupled with awesome audio effects
  • The game is completely free to download

It is only 56MB in size so it won’t consume much of your memory space. It was last updated in June 26, 2018 and another update is expected soon.

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