Beach Buggy Racing 2023.04.18 MOD APK (Unlimited Money & Gems)

Developer: Vector Unit Android Version:5.0 Current Version:2023.04.18
Date:Apr 19, 2023

App Review

Beach Buggy Racing MOD is an advanced version of Beach buggy Blitz. It’s a nice one. Sincerely speaking, most gamers believed that this game’s quality would make it have a massive price tag, but amazingly, it came out on a free-to-play platform. It is a free of charge game with different options to purchase in-game goodies for real money or grind for them (although this can ruin the initial impression). The game is hilarious, intense, content-filled, and action pack. It provides an excellent replay motion, great graphics, easy navigation and so many tracks, cars, characters, and power-ups.

The game begins with an introduction to control systems. Automatically, it is fixed on tilt controls, and you can always personalize the sensitivity. This may be the only place most gamers find displeasure in; the user interface (because the menu options are just too much for one game). Getting to the control settings, you need to exit from about two screens. But once you figured that out, everything else would be straightforward. There is a default character you get to meet (Rez the driver). He prefers not to talk much, but rather, talking through driving.

Every character comes with a unique ability (Rez’ is the flaming rubber that makes other opponents to stop, drop or roll). The graphics, as started earlier is great. It is one of the interesting parts of this game. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about the sound score. It is too plain for this kind of action-packed game. Cars in this game come in a beautiful variety, with fresh abilities, customization, upgrades and power-up’s you can purchase.

Key Features

  • Great Cars To Customize
  • Exciting Power up’s
  • Choose A Team Of Racers
  • 15 Wonderful Race Tracks
  • Great Kart Racing Action
  • Multiple Screen Players (up to four players)

Beach Buggy Racing is an incredible cart racer. It is recommended for anyone who has had enough of ‘Angry Bird’ and wouldn’t mind getting into something new. Nevertheless, the IAPs are just there, literally in your face, which saps the fun out from the gameplay.

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