Beholder 2.6.260 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Developer: Creative Mobile Games Android Version:4.4 Current Version:2.6.260
Date:Oct 05, 2021

App Review

Beholder MOD is an intriguing game by Creative Mobile Publishing. This game casts the player as Carl, a property owner in charge of an apartment complex located in a war torn. The player has to switch between assisting and spying on his tenants to avoid reprisal and earn cash. The player also has to observe the ridiculously increasing list the laws imposed by the state.

The player is in charge of the building’s cross section, which has six apartments, and also a basement where the player and his family lives. The player gets to move around the apartment by clicking where he was to go to, he moves around and talks to his tenant’s apartment. The player (Carl) usually sneaks into his tenant’s apartments when they are not around to look for contraband, and also to install hidden cameras in their apartments, and to maintain the building. The entire gameplay is set in this apartment. Other characters come and go, but Carl the player has a lot of issues to deal with that prevents him leaving the building or even sleeping. All his attention is focused on the apartment under his watch.

This game makes the player simultaneously weak and powerful, as a landlord, the player can either ruin or save lives of his tenants with his interventions, but the player is still under the regulations and laws of the state. Objectives and missions, which are often time limited pop up on the screen as the player plays the game. The player has to please some superior powers as they are monitoring his/her performance, and also to keep his family healthy and happy.

Here are some of the game’s features

  • Spy on your tenants
  • Blackmail or report to authorities
  • Break in and find prohibits items stuff
  • Risk your life to save tenants

This game is built on a very strong concept. It also has amazingly realistic graphics and sound effects. The controls are also impressive and straightforward.

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