Real Sniper: Shooting Hunter 1.0.2

Developer: T-Bull S A Android Version:7.0 The Size:Varies with device Current Version:1.0.2
Date:Oct 25, 2023

App Review

Best Sniper: Shooting Hunter MOD – The biggest zombie apocalypse the world has ever seen is at a foot, and zombies are not the only things ruining the day. Dinosaurs, zombies, and the mutant Humanosaurs are terrorizing the world due to an experiment performed by United States government. The life changing experiment has now become catastrophic, and you can end this Armageddon by joining in the battle. As an excellent marksman, get ready to go into the Badlands where these creatures roam. Your job is to hunt them down and shoot as many of them as possible. You get to visit different terrifying locations in this game to uncover the controversies behind the failed experiment. Get ready to flex your stalking and tracking abilities, hunt these monsters in different worlds, either on land or deep in the sea.

Can you go into the Dinosaurs nest? Can you shoot at zombies lurking in uncompleted buildings from a distance? If you can, then you must go on these survival missions. Enjoy sniping action with the collection of sniper rifles available on this game, lay waste to these abominations with several available explosives. Pick the best available and complete your task to get qualify for the next mission. Scan your targets organs in 3D with the thermal vision option in your sniper gear, and get a more precise shot to ensure swift blows. These incredible weapons are upgradeable, and when decked-up weapons can be used to eliminate abominations like the incredibly strong Einiosaurus and the spiky 3-ton Tuojiangosaurus. If you are caught, wrestle your way out of the situation for victory.

Game Features:

  • Various Post-apocalyptic sites
  • Flex your sniper skills, destroy monsters, and survive the disaster
  • Tons of Missions and Challenges to face
  • Accurate kills, earn rewards and bonus XP
  • Bullet-time effect and playback with every sniper headshot
  • 14+ Sniper rifles, with 15 upgrades for each to make the deadlier weapons
  • Explosives like; flash grenades.
  • Incredible locations, both on Land and Underwater
  • Zooming effects to have a better view of prey from secret locations.

Become the ultimate sniper, by displaying skill and accuracy. Be fearless, wrestle with vicious creations, and survive the apocalypse. It is an excellent game for the brave.

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