Block Strike: FPS Shooter 7.6.3 MOD APK (Unlimited Money & Gold)

Developer: Rexet Studio Android Version:5.1 Current Version:7.6.3
Date:May 26, 2023

App Review

Block Strike MOD is a first person shooter multiplayer game brought to you by Rexet Studios. With its pixelated style graphics, block strike is comparable to games such as counter strike and is an enjoyable bot for fans of first person shooting and newbies. With its unique gameplay and minimalist graphics, Block Strike reels you in with various challenging levels where you get to battle players from all across the globe. The objective of the game is as straightforward as can be, survive and win no matter the cost.

Its amazing world map allows you to do battle in places far and wide. Players can customize their characters however they like as is common on most Android games. There is also a wide range of weapons available for you to choose from including AK’S, M16 Rifles, pistols, swords, and knives. New weapons and characters can be bought while existing ones can be upgraded using coins collected during gameplay or through in-app purchases. One special feature of Block Strike is that it allows you to come up with your strategies to defeat various opponents. Arrow launchers are available to defend your castle from enemy units as well as boost your units’ through enhancing and leveling.

You can enjoy the game in several unique modes such as:

• Team Deathmatch

• Death Run

• Gun Game

• Hunger Games

• Zombie Survival

• Bunny Hop

• Knife Mode

• AWP mode

• Hunter

• Random

• Deathmatch

• King of the Hill

• Arena Only

Perhaps the most popular and notable mode of gameplay is the survival mode. In it, players battle countless zombies, monsters and other creatures. Monsters drop ammunition as you take them out and ultimately the aim is to survive as long as you can and gain the highest score on the scoreboard ranking. Play the game and let us know what you think.

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