Bloons TD Battles 6.18.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Bananas)

Developer: ninja kiwi Android Version:4.4 Current Version:6.18.1
Date:May 31, 2023

App Review

Bloons TD Battles MOD – Smart gamers who are in search of true challenges to their intellect would do well to consider the benefits of playing Bloons TD Battles. This game pits those who believe themselves to be smart little monkeys against other would be brainiacs and gives them a chance to find out more about life in the jungle. Be forewarned, these are not the silly monkeys that you are accustomed to seeing in movies. They are highly dangerous and you will need to train your monkey to become proficient in hurling darts, ninja stars and even bullets. These weapons are highly useful when it comes to maintaining your defenses against the biggest possible threat to primates: balloons.

The rules of this game are very easy to understand and players will not have to sift through a huge list of tips and pointers to understand the process. It all boils down to one simple principles: monkeys are awesome and balloons are not. You’ll have control over your own regiment of monkeys and they are specially trained in the art of using a variety of pointy weapons to keep the balloons at bay. You’ll have access to garden variety monkeys that are skilled at using cheap darts to pop balloons, as well as more specialized monkeys that are able to utilize shurikens that pop several balloons at once.

Sniper monkeys and monkeys armed with glue guns are also available and I had an absolute blast learning how to use the different monkey groupings to my advantage. This is a great low stakes game for all those who are looking for something that allows them to turn their brain off for a little while and enjoy themselves. Be sure to keep this website in mind for future reference when you want to know more about fun games like this one.

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