Bomb Hunters 2.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Developer: Craneballs Android Version:4.4 Current Version:2.0
Date:Jul 06, 2017

App Review

Bomb Hunters MOD is a recently released game from Craneballs, a game developer with a wild range of games. In this fantastic game, the player is a bomb disposal expert, who job is to move around trying to disarm bombs and stop them from blowing up. The player gets to put on a heavily shielded outfit with the task of tracking down and disarming bombs planted in the environs of a military camp. The location of the bomb is usually located on the map with a blue marker. The player has to navigate through debris, crates, and walls on the military Base to be able to get to where the bomb is located. The military Base also has segments it is divided into, and each segment has a gate leading to the next segment. The player only gets to progress to the next section when all the bombs in the current area have been dismantled.

In the quest of searching for bombs, the player has to go around obstacles in order to get to the bomb which is usually hidden between a river, behind walls, or sometimes locations which are a little bit off the grid. Whenever a bomb’s location is disclosed to the player, a countdown time is usually attached to it. And the bomb goes off if it is not disarmed for the count down time runs out. Bomb locations closer to the player usually have less count down time, while locations far away from the player have more count down time. There different rankings in the game and the player get ranked based on the number of bombs disposed.

Game features include

  • Amazing collection of bomb hunting characters
  • Crawling through various battlefield areas to disarm bombs
  • Bomb seeking and diffusing
  • Awesome graphics

This game is fun to play, and the sound is also amazing. The control is straightforward and user-friendly also. The game has a great interface and consumes less storage space.

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