BombSquad 1.7.6 MOD APK (Unlocked)

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Developer: Eric Froemling Android Version:5.0 and up The Size:78M Current Version:1.7.6
Date:June 17, 2021

App Review

BombSquad MOD is a very exciting game available in the Google Play Store by Eric Froemling. The game was made using seasoned ragdoll face-plant physics and is optimized for the K1 processor. It can also be played by plugging your tablet into a TV and using your mobile device as controllers, making this the perfect party game. BombSquad has one of the most exciting mobile games that has been developed for a long while.

The game looks like it was created from Playdoh- resembling the characters you play and fight in battle; although the levels are built with wood-like hard materials. When moving your screen, the levels pan giving BombSquad a wow effect. An Overview of Bomb Squad The game is a 2-6 player game.

Players work together, racing against the clock to achieve their mission and come out as winners. Below are some of its main features:

• The game is played in real-time Players take turns and are free to take as long as they want. But note, there is a countdown timer to the bomb explosions, so you will want to be as active as possible.

• Hidden cards Cards are held to so that the other players can see the fronts. This means that players are giving out intel to one another. • Communication is limited While players can see each other’s cards, they can only communicate via this medium. Table talk or hints are prohibited.

• Team playing Players work together to win or lose as a team. Although the game is enjoyable when you play with friends and use controllers, you can also try playing a solo game, which is also a great experience.

BombSquad throws you into a platform, where you can do several things – kick, box, walk, and run, pick objects up and let them go, throw bombs, etc. This is a truly interesting game that even old gamers and newbies will enjoy. So give it a try and experience the 3D gaming at its finest.

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