Bouncy Hero 2 MOD APK

Developer: SuIIy Studios Android Version:4.4 The Size:22M Current Version:2
Date:Mar 28, 2021

App Review

Bouncy Hero MOD is without a doubt one of the funniest and hardest little games that you will ever encounter. The game has the combination of speed, a deceptive look of simplicity, and the simple fun of a good time. This is the perfect game to play with your children.

Bouncy Hero will surprise you because it looks a lot like a game designed strictly for young children. The game description and instructions even lead you to believe that this is a simple easy to master game. Do not let yourself be fooled. You have to have an adroit mastery of eye hand coordination to be able to navigate through this game. The time counters and distance counters change really rapidly. You have to keep focused of you just get crushed.

The graphics in Bouncy Hero are what could be called throw back to the beginning of runner games. Some might object to the boxy appearance of the characters, animals, buildings, and obstacles. The farm music goes along with the theme of the game. The intent from the developers seems to be to make a really simplistic look for a game that has a whole lot of action. The entire package does hold together with the central idea of being the hero and saving the animals.

  • The hero list has expanded to 40.
  • New heroes include an astronaut and Savannah.
  • There are three different play areas including city, farm, and countryside.
  • The animal collection has expanded to 21 different animals.
  • Power ups include Rocket, Magnet, and Giant.
  • Giant makes your hero almost ten times as big and capable of clearing a block of obstacles at a time.
  • The game includes a tracker of your personal best and the best in the world.

Bouncy Hero is a fun little game that will just pester you to death until you can beat it. You need to think Mario on the Farm to get the idea. The game also gives kids an idea of the importance of animals in their lives as well as conservation. We all want to be heroes.

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