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Brave Frontier MOD – presents an immersive and addictive RPG. In fact, there is a lot to be said about this exciting fun game that brings back the nostalgic feelings of the JRPGs of days gone by. Learn the core concepts of summoning units, create a powerful squadron by bringing them together and lead them out to battle to win. Get started on the right foot and let Tilth be your guide. Master the elemental strengths of Dark, Light, Thunder, Earth, Water, and Fire to summon and harness a powerful force from over 200 legendary heroes and ancient beasts.

Unleash your Summoner powers to defeat the Fallen God Maxwell and save the world of the gods – Grand Gaia. In turn-based battles, you will be fighting your way through waves of creatures. Learn to fight your way through waves of creatures to deliver the land from getting overthrown. To ensure you survive the whole test, it is recommended you bring consumables along as this is an all-or-nothing affair. While Light and Dark are naturally known to be strong against each other, there is a rock-paper- scissors relationship between Fire, Earth, Thunder, and Water which are connected to both enemy creatures and friendly units. The main objective here is to avoid making attacks with weak elements but rather use something strong to fight against the monster you are facing. It is essentially important to exploit elemental match-ups.

Note that combat is devoid of too many real options, despite being turn-based. Before striking a target, it is recommended that you tap on it and tap on your squad since everyone on your side attacks first. Each unit possesses its own unique Brave Burst attacks that allow them to unleash special attacks once the Burst bar has been filled. Why not use this technique to advance your game. Please, do not hesitate to share your experience in the forum provided here.

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