Burrito Bison: Launcha Libre 3.69 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Developer: Kongregate Android Version:5.1 The Size:83M Current Version:3.69
Date:Oct 18, 2023

App Review

Burrito Bison Launcha Libre MOD is a very popular and fun game. The game has gotten so many hits just after its release, and it was developed by Kongregate. In this game, the player is a Lucha libre that is trapped in a kingdom of candy. And the only way for the player to get out of there is to launch himself from a rope and then fly in the air to get freedom.

The player has to drag his wrestler backward and then release it to launch, just like Angry Bird. And once you wrestler is in the air, the player doesn’t have much to do other than to continue tapping the screen to perform some special moves. The player has three different wrestlers to choose from, with each wrestler having a different and unique skill from the others. So the skill the player exhibits in the game is dependent on the wrestler he chooses. One of the wrestlers can slam into the ground with great force, another will throw a grappling hook at enemies to pull themselves to the enemy, and the other can glide itself upwards and then fall back.

In this game, there are lots of gummy bears all around, and the player has land on these gummy bears to earn cash. There are several kinds of these gummy bears; some are meant to slow you down, while some others will throw you in the air, boost your speed or simply give you a honey ball that will devour the remainder of the bears in your wake. There are different sugary enemies the player can bump into, each enemy with their unique way of affecting the player’s wrestler. And there are lots of upgrades to be unlocked by the player.

Game features

  • Smash Gummies
  • KO epic bosses
  • Upgrade to fly further
  • Unlock tons of goodies
  • Stop the gummy invasion

Burrito Bison launcha libre is a very straightforward game to play. The graphics are awesome, and a great sound to go with also. The control is also simple. It’s a great game to play.

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