Cafeland – Restaurant Cooking 2.3.10 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Developer: GAMEGOS Android Version:4.4 Current Version:2.3.10
Date:May 31, 2023

App Review

Cafeland – Restaurant Cooking MOD is a virtual fantasy world where the player gets to manage a personal café, and expand the cafe to various customers with a variety of delicious and tasty meals. The player begins this game with limited resources such as a little room with space for just a single table, limited stoves, dishes, and a few pancakes and sandwiches to serve customers as they come into the café. The major aim of the player is to manage and transform this café to the most awesome 5-star café in the city. Based on the available basic resources, the player gets to embark on a quest of expanding the cafe with more new recipes, bigger space to accommodate more chairs and tables for the customers. The player gets coin rewards for completing tasks, sales of products, cleaning the café floor, and getting customer feedbacks.

Like a real life business, the player can decide to reinvest the profit made to get more rewards. And this will, in turn, expand the business. The player will now have more money to increase the capacity of the business by getting more recipes for the kitchen and accessories to change the café’s interior. The player also makes more money by designing and decorating the café, making available vendor machines and entertainment system for customers. The game also allows players to socialize with friends by visiting and helping them out, sending mystery gifts to them, and meeting new chefs in a community.

Game Features

  • Becoming a culinary master
  • Designing your dream café
  • Attraction of celebrities
  • Becoming a 5-star chef
  • Playing with friends online
  • Becoming a master chef

Cooking delicious meals and serving them to hungry customers is a fun experience. The high definition graphics of the game enhances the gameplay experience. The game also has a straight forward and user-friendly control.

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