Castle Cats – Idle Hero RPG 3.13.2 MOD APK (Free Shopping)

Developer: PocApp Studios Android Version:5.0 Current Version:3.13.2
Date:Apr 24, 2023

App Review

Castle Cats MOD – Manage your own guild of kitty warriors in Castle Cats game! Help Catniss the Archer, Conan the Knight, and Francis the Mage to bring The Evil Pugomancer’s reign to an end once and for all! The key lesson from Castle Cats, the new free-to-play game for Android and iOS, is that players can collect gorgeous feline versions of Django, Harry Potter, Katniss Everdeen as well as Cthulhu. In addition, they are fighting the evil Pugomancer. The game itself is rather basic.

Players have to create a party of cats after which they assign them to various timer-based missions. These missions are according to each cat’s special skills. There is a mechanic that lets players speed up battles when they tap on the screen, but immediately the limited tap energy is exhausted, it’s back to waiting. There’s a narrative of sorts that players must follow. The first 3 cats the player recruits, Katniss, Conan, and Francis, go on a tough quest to save our world from the evil Pugomancer. The game plays out in cut scenes between the timed missions, and other familiar faces start to make an appearance as the game progresses.

Features of the game

  • Recruit more than 60 unique cat-heroes! All skilled in combat.
  • Send out the recruits on heroic quests and save Catania!
  • Use Alchemy in crafting unique cats to add to your group!
  • Spend your hard-earned bootie to upgrade and also evolve your cat-heroes.
  • Cats fly and burst into different frenzies. Handle it!
  • The Evil Pugomancer will not go down without a battle! Join the combats or chill.
  • Participate in Monthly Events alongside brand new heroes with additional Story Quests!

This fun game is all about collecting different cats for combat to defeat the evil Pugomancer. You can also collect cats for special charity events and any purchase made is sent to help animals in need.

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