Castle Revenge: Catapult King MOD APK

Developer: Incuvo SA Android Version:5.0 The Size:63M Current Version:
Date:Apr 10, 2018

App Review

Castle Revenge MOD – This is another fighting game that is very captivating and engaging. You will fight battle after battle until you finally reclaim your territory. It offers great storyline. The storyline is what makes the battles worth fighting. An enemy in the person of Lord Grayson attacks your castle. Like in a real life situation, you will need to defend yourself first and then reclaim your territory after forcing Grayson’s armies to retreat.

Most times, fighting a battle is not only about unleashing weapons, it is also about your strategy. This game gives room for different military strategies. It offers great theme coupled with mesmerizing graphics. The sound effects are so fascinating that the game is not the same when muted.

Even though it is free to download the game, Internet is required to play it. One good reason for its popularity is its interesting gameplay. It offers a unique mix of battle strategy and usage of weapons.

The characters in the game look very real and the weapons sound like live weapons. The most interesting games are battle games. Castle Revenge confirms it. In addition, the update came with stunning parallax effects and many bug fixes. The update is just to give players better experience. It has been downloaded and installed about five hundred thousand times. It works best on Android 5.0 and above, although it can still work on lower operating systems.

Some of its attractive features are:

  • Immersing game play
  • You can fight with other players online
  • Stunning graphics
  • Never ending battles
  • Captivating sound track
  • Highly responsive game app

The only little downside of this game is the fact that it does not work without internet. A lot of people will prefer to enjoy the options of either playing offline by fighting Lord Grayson or play with friends online. Overall, it is still a great game.

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