City Mania: Town Building Game 1.9.3a MOD APK (Unlimited Money & Gold)

Developer: Gameloft SE Android Version:4.0.3 The Size:45M Current Version:1.9.3a
Date:May 09, 2022

App Review

City Mania: Town Building Game MOD – This is a management strategy game that tasks player’s ability to build, organize and plan a city. Players are given the opportunity to turn their cities into mega cities. This is a fun game that doesn’t require much technical know-how and is easy to learn. Players initially start out with a small city with few buildings. As the game progresses, the players will have to construct highways, construct buildings and manage energy resources. Players will ensure that the growth and development of the city are done efficiently and not rapidly. This is to ensure that the energy resources and finance of a particular area are not drained. This game doesn’t just involve the building of infrastructure, it also involves the mental capacity to plan and manage them properly.

Players usually start out as the politician that is responsible for managing the city. They oversee the building of roads, factories, government, buildings, fire stations, and monuments. All of which have a unique purpose in the proper running of the city. Players can also visit the cities of other players. During the visits, they can choose to replicate what they have seen in other cities in their cities. They can also take note of the mistakes made by other players ensuring that their cities are better.

Features of the game include:

  • Offers funny characters with unique personalities like a doughnut punching policeman or a construction worker.
  • Assign jobs and collect experience and rewards in the form of valuable resources.
  • Merge buildings into advanced skyscrapers and unlock specializations.
  • Develop cities in different directions such as sustainability, commerce, education and entertainment.

City mania is a game that has one of the best graphics and visual effect among management strategy games. Its sound effects complete the perfect entertainment that it brings. It is a good game for people who love to build.

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