Coin Master 3.5.1160 MOD APK (Unlimited Money & Spins)

Developer: Moon Active Android Version:5.1 Current Version:3.5.1160
Date:May 31, 2023

App Review

Coin Master MOD – The game app for your favorite Facebook game is now available for all devices. Get ready to join forces with friends to raid villages and kingdoms, fighting a battle to build your own Viking village, and take your place as the Supreme leader. Spin the wheel to move on to new levels in the game! The wheel could either earn you a bounty of gold coins to help in the construction of your village or shields to help fortify your Viking village. You will be raided from time to time by neighboring villages so, regularly spin to get more defensive structures and weapons for your village. If the neighboring village can attack you, you can do the same and get their riches as yours. Nobody should be exempted from your raid neither enemies and friends who constantly betray you. Wage wars against them and fight for victory.

Secure more gold coins from your battle win to add more fortification to your village. The other villages might possess more treasure than you do, so do not hesitate. The stronger your village, and the more your bounty, the more chances of you becoming the coin master. Always remember to collect your cards. With them, you can make trades, and advance to other levels. Acquire more villages by subduing enemies. Expand your village and increase your riches. Be prepared for time travel! Make your way through lands and time of magic, defeat hippies, kings, pirates, and Vikings and become the best in each era.

Coin Master Features:

  • Coin master online characters
  • Spin and slot to earn coins and supplies
  • Attacks and raid in real play time.
  • Go into battle with friends from the Facebook community and worldwide
  • Free download with in-app purchase

Join the Coin Master community online to forge alliances. Trade cards and treasures with them to help build the most fortified and riches village, becoming the greatest Coin Master. It’s an epic game for a Viking lover.

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