CookieRun: OvenBreak

Developer: Devsisters Corporation Android Version:5.0 --
Date:Oct 31, 2023

App Review

Like Robot Unicorn Attack or Mini Ninjas, Cookie Run: OvenBreak features exhilarating action with unique characters. The game was initially built for the Japanese social network app, LINE – a free chat and call app that operates like Twitter or Facebook. This endless running game presents a cute side-scrolling feature that can only be seen on a few games. Start off by taking the form of an adorable gingerbread man who is tasked with the responsibility of outrunning the evil witch.  Don’t let the wicked witch have you for supper. Before you can become a cookie hero, you need to escape her evil eyes by running, jumping and sliding your way to freedom

Cookie Run: OvenBreak has got simple controls that won’t make you feel awkward, even as a newbie. Just at the bottom left and bottom right corner of your game, you will find two keys placed. These are all you need to advance your game.

  • To slide – tap the right key
  • To jump – tap the left key
  • To double jump – tap the left key twice

Like other endless runner games, there are pitfalls to avoid while escaping from the witch. Dodge obstacles, collect coins and power-ups as you make a run. Although the mechanics of the game are quite easy to understand, however, a lot of practice is required to truly master the game. It is important to understand that what seemed to be an enjoyable run at first instance can suddenly turn out to be challenging escape within few seconds demanding both physical and psychological efforts.

Unlike other similar games, Cookie Run: OvenBreak employs HP bar for the character. So, as you begin your run, a certain amount of HP is deducted each second. You stand a chance to lose even more HP when you hit on any obstacle. The run will stop as soon as your HP drops to zero. Fortunately, you can restore your HP with the power-ups you find along the way. This makes the game even more interesting.

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