Critical Strikers Online FPS 2022.8.8 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Developer: WANG YUN FENG Android Version:4.4 Current Version:2022.8.8
Date:Aug 08, 2022

App Review

Critical Strikers Online FPS MOD is an online multiplayer first-person shooter game in 3D. It requires an operating system of Android 2.3 and above, as well as a Wi-Fi connection or a 3G internet connection to play. It is not advisable to try playing it with a 2G internet connection as the game would be prone to frequent lags and crashes.

Players have the option of practicing before entering into battles. Battles occur in different game rooms which can be joined based on the player’s preference. A new player is equipped with 2000 coins along with a machine gun to begin the game. A player will need to stock up on more equipment as the game advance because the more sophisticated weapons a player has, the higher the player’s chances of surviving in battles and rising through the ranks in the game are.

However, one con of the game is that, even with a good internet connection, the game lags occasionally. Another con of the game is that equipment is purchased with coins and they are quite expensive thus players have to resort to buying coins at a high price with the aim of purchasing more equipment to advance in the game or simply enjoy it. Also, the game has poor aiming sensitivity as it remains difficult to aim at an opponent no matter how much the player’s sensitivity setting is adjusted.


• 3D graphics • Above average graphics quality, considering the size of the game.

• Separate game rooms for those playing with mobile devices and those using personal computers.

• Simple and interactive gameplay

• A free starter pack for new players. Despite its cons, Critical Strikers Online FPS has a simple but interesting gameplay.

Also, its interactive feature allows for players to easily communicate with each other and strategies when necessary. Further, the game’s genre makes it realistic and captivating.

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