Crossy Road 5.2.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Money & Unlocked)

Developer: HIPSTER WHALE Android Version:5.1 The Size:84M Current Version:5.2.1
Date:May 10, 2023

App Review

Crossy Road MOD has enjoyed an increasing level of fame and increased number of players for the last two years because the game keeps changing. Rapid and extremely amusing additions to characters the come from games, dinosaurs, politics, Disney, computer icons, and just about anywhere have been a never ending source of enjoyment. The game gets more interesting when you can pay for a new character with coins and the coin of the realm called pixels. The game has 50 million players across the world and one of the reasons for the high level of popularity is that the game never ends.

You may get squished by a car, a train, a bus, or even a road sign but you can easily and rapidly get back to life in a new persona that costs you nothing but points and access to the gum ball machine that dispenses the goodies. Many players have found it to be a fascinating way to adopt a political position or make a statement while having fun on their commute, during boring meetings, or while watching television. No one really knows how many Trumps were running around the game during the election and some suspect that the Trump icon was picked up just so those that oppose him could see him flattened like a pancake.

The game has increased in the complexity of the obstacles that you have to overcome. This move was expected but it may be the result of the ease with which people have learned to conquer the lower levels and the number of high performance players that need more challenges. The game has adapted to meet player demand in a very short time frame. Go get Crossy Road. It is totally free. The game is funny, exciting, and challenging. After you play a bit, come back here and tell us all about what you did and what you learned.

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