Cube Critters MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

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Developer: Teewee Games Android Version:4.0.3 and up The Size:38M Current Version:
Date:July 6, 2017

App Review

Cube Critters MOD is an easy game to play. The characters and graphics of the game are awesome. The game is set in a great cubic world, and you can control any lovable cuboid character you choose. You would need to direct your cuboid character through deceitful mazes, grab useful power-ups along the way and dodge some obstacles to get the crown. If you have friends using the app, you can play against them, or you can play against other people using the app all over the world.

There are different worlds you can play in, and these worlds all have their themes, they include a dessert, frozen world and sky forest world. If you collect a sufficient amount of coins, you can open three more worlds. These worlds are quite tricky. They look easy to clear, but after a few trials, you will realize it includes more traps to make it more interesting for the players. You’ll have arrows fired at you, cubes that make you lose speed, spikes, and burning grounds that slow you down. All these things all spice up the game.

Some best features of the game include:

  • Players can use a single finger to direct characters.
  • An animated 3D world with unique environments.
  • Play against players all over the world using Wi-Fi or Facebook.
  • Players can communicate with their opponents using the emoji, props, and obstacles.
  • Players are rewarded with gold coins that can be used to unlock new characters.
  • Play alone as a single-player and conquer difficult mazes.

Cube critters also contains some collectibles that can work against your opponent in your favor. You can decide to buy coins with cash to enable you to unlock worlds and buy characters. It is a simple game and a great from of relaxation for people who love multiplayer games. A simple download will get you started.

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