Dead Trigger 2 FPS Zombie Game 1.9.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Money & Gold)

Developer: MADFINGER Games Android Version:5.0 Current Version:1.9.1
Date:May 31, 2023

App Review

DEAD TRIGGER 2 MOD – When the original Dead Trigger was released, it instantly became popular because of its stunning graphics and addictive gameplay. It was eventually made free due to too many sideloads and even then people could not get enough. In response to the hype, Madfinger has released a sequel to the epic game titled Dead Trigger 2.

The storyline is pretty much the same, a first person zombie killing survival horror game. But this time the game is less random and has a career mode that follows progressively from one mission to another. Dead Trigger 2 improves on its prequel by having plenty of new game locations and new weapons including a chicken bomb, which as the name implies is a bomb strapped on a chicken who attracts the zombies to itself and eventually blows up. There are also new fun ways of killing zombies such as shooting them down from a helicopter or using a wrench to attack them.

A new feature in Dead Trigger 2 is a lobby with a medic, a gunsmith, an engineer and a tech guy that supply you with medicine, weapons, gadgets, and upgrades. In addition, you can buy health boosters, damage boosters and more from a smuggler with gold. Another interesting feature is the auto-fire mode that automatically aims and kills zombies close to you. It can make handling the game a lot easier, but if you like it tough, you can easily disable this mode and continue shooting manually. There is also support for controllers on the Android and iOs version of the game.

The original Dead Trigger is a fantastic game in graphics and sound, but the new version is even better. The Android game comes with an option of low or high visual settings, and both run very smoothly with quality graphics. As for the audio, the gun and bomb sound come with quite the kick, and the background music adds to the atmosphere of horror quite nicely. For a free game, it’s a must play, and sure enough when you start, it will be pretty hard to stop.

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