Deer Hunter 2018 5.2.4 MOD APK (Unlimited Money & Gems)

Developer: Glu Android Version:4.1 The Size:89M Current Version:5.2.4
Date:Mar 03, 2021

App Review

Deer Hunter 2018 MOD – Deer Hunter and the 19 different games that the original $125,000 game has produced is arguably the best and most successful animal hunting game that there has ever been. The 2018 model of Deer Hunter adds some new twists and keeps what is best about the game. The things that are best about Deer Hunter and Deer Hunter 2018 are the graphics. The views of different terrain taken straight from reality are as magnificently inspiring as the real thing. The animals look authentic. The deer, bears, dogs, legendary animals, and guns make you feel a great deal of the anticipation and nerves that real hunts produce.

You can still hunt the areas of the world where the animals really live. Again, the graphics are so good that they beat any photographers work. The new stuff for 2018 includes ways to hunt better. You get a 20 percent increase in energy. The added energy is produced by taking side hunts. You can do as many as three side hunts per level. The energy gets you better weapons and longer hunts. The dog hunting mode has been enhanced. The meter that shows you how much strength, vision, smell, constitution, agility, and hearing each dog has is easier to see.

The idea is to adapt your dog to the prey. The dogs look so real that you want to pet them. Other additions for 2018 include gaining superpowers for a while if you target and hit a specified part of the target animal. Bow hunting is now legal and more realistic than ever. The player has to compensate for wind, elevation, and difference just like a real bow hunt. There are added opportunities for the bears and other animals to injure or even kill the hunter if the hunter does not stay alert. The game is free. You can spend $5 for an upgrade but you can easily get all the goodies in the upgrade from the first level of hunting. Go hunt and come back to our site and tell us how you did.

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