Defense Zone 3 HD 1.6.20 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Developer: ARTEM KOTOV Android Version:5.1 Current Version:1.6.20
Date:Dec 06, 2022

App Review

Defense Zone 3 HD MOD presents a gaming pattern that involves using strategies to repel enemy’s forces while in your own territory. These enemies come out in multitude and they are ready to kill you at the slightest chance. There is a barricade between you and them, and your duty is to ensure that these enemies don’t penetrate your wall.

With a very nice graphic design, you can enjoy a real-life battle, as you watch your army push back the stampede forces of the enemy. You need all the fire power to take down these enemies as quickly as possible. This is because these enemies have also mastered how to move quickly. As such you cannot afford to miss any of your targets. A missed target will amount to three more bodies aiming to pull down your wall for easy access to your territory.

It’ll be a very fierce battle and one of the very exciting moment is when you’re howling sling shots at your enemies at different turrets. This war has only two possible endings, it’s either you win gallantly or lose miserably. As such, the limited resources you have has to be evenly distributed so that you can contain the fight throughout the battle. Players who neglect tactics and fail to hit as many enemies as accurately as possible, end up being outnumbered by the enemy. With your thin budget, it’s either your purchase new sophisticated weapons to keep the fight ongoing, or acquire a better castle with turrets which will only hold back the enemy for a while.

Here are some of the features of the game:

  • Use your thin budget to acquire the best weapons to allow you sustain yourself in the fierce fight
  • Build better turrets for aiming better shots at the enemy
  • Prevent the forceful intrusion of the enemy from breaking into your wall

If you want to test the capacity of your logic, this is the game to have on your phone. Make irreversible decisions while in war and see the positive or negative outcome of the results in minutes.