Design Home: Lifestyle Game 1.97.075

Developer: Crowdstar Inc Android Version:5.0 Current Version:1.97.075
Date:Jun 01, 2023

App Review

Design Home: Real Home Decor MOD – Have you ever looked at Pinterest and said wow this could make a good game or have you considered an IKEA layout and wished there was a way to manipulate it? That is the idea behind Design Home. It is a game that is about rearranging your room’s decoration. The game is designed to trap fashion fans and offers a wealth of digital furniture from furniture companies. It is created with an intriguing concept.

The game’s core idea is that you can decorate your sleeping area with furniture and other fixtures, before putting your design in competition with other gamers. Those players will rate the models, and the winner will gain prestige as well as additional currency to purchase more fancy furniture. Each stage provides a different concept with a few objectives to make sure you stay in line with what is expected of you during the game.

Key Features

  • The idea behind the game is original.
  • The option to pick from a broad range of furniture.
  • Two Elite Challenges every week.
  • Performance improvements and technical fixes as you play.

Design Home game gives you the option to buy more virtual money when you are out of tokens. You can do this by buying through the in-app purchase option which sums up how the Design Home game hopes to get you. Design Home offers challenges and fun to gamers.

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