Developer: Glu Android Version:4.1 The Size:81M Current Version:3.5.9
Date:Sep 04, 2019

App Review

DINO HUNTER: DEADLY SHORES MOD – This game has a hunting theme and is from Glu Games. It is all about getting the firepower as well as expert aim needed to take down the charging T-Rex. Unsurprisingly, the game resembles the Deer Hunter series from the same creators. Regardless of how comfortable a player is handling a gun in real life or in games, you shouldn’t have issues making dinosaurs extinct again.

The action in this game is classified into different hunting missions. Players have tons of species to hunt – herbivores and carnivores alike – and different weather conditions and terrains to contend with. When each mission begins, you’ll be instructed to kill some dinosaurs. Your hunting tactics differ depending on the type of the dino you are stalking. Smaller, timid omnivores and herbivores will most likely disappear into the grove immediately they hear the sound of the gun, meaning you must take the time to fire a perfect shot. You have firepower on your side, and you’re given some upgradable guns.

You have the option to purchase ultra-specialized dino-slayers using the game’s hard currency. It defaults guns serve you well, and it isn’t too difficult to make the money required for the upgrades. However, upgrades must frequently happen to keep up with challenges of the game, and you’re made to wait for other parts to be “imported.” The game also has a stamina meter that diminishes with every hunt. Having an opportunity to shoot dinosaurs makes the stress worthwhile, especially since the game looks fantastic. Your dinosaurs move with admirable realism. Also, pumping bullets into a moving T-Rex is really intense.

Only one complaint about the game’s visuals can be made: The sauropods lack feathers. The world has a hard time accommodating the fact that the velociraptor resembled a killer turkey. However, we have to accept it sometime. Definitely, hunting killer lizards is even more exciting than shooting at giant birds. The game dishes up loads of behemoth-shooting action. Play it here or see our list of fun games.

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