Disney Emoji Blitz Game 55.3.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Developer: Jam City, Inc. Android Version:5.1 Current Version:55.3.0
Date:Jun 01, 2023

App Review

Disney Emoji Blitz MOD is a fast-paced and somewhat enjoyable Match-3 game. It is entirely derivative as well, feeling much like a match you have likely played earlier. Still an interesting idea, right? Each level of the Disney Emoji Blitz game lasts for nearly a minute, with that period boosted after several smart moves when playing. Gamers are made to use the conventional way including swiping a finger to line things up. The goal here is to move as fast as possible. Although you may want to line up a few combos, ultimately, gamers must try to continue reacting quickly. Looking for matches beneath is accepted as the way forward in this case.

It is somewhat business as usual, as is the case with similar games except for a few minor alterations. For instance, you can initiate a Blitz mode; this means more points and time to enjoy each session. You are also provided with special moves using the Emoji you have chosen. Nemo’s move, for example, throws a few mini Nemos your way, making it easier to accrue combos. Each Emoji comes with a bonus, including extra points to gain. Gamers can pick items too, which goes towards a collection, eventually leading to more points and increased multiplier. This is a straightforward and efficient idea.

Disney Emoji Blitz offers more depth when it comes to what happens outside of only gaming. You are tasked with a host of missions to finish, with these missions eventually allowing you to move from level to level. Often, they are as easy as using a particular character several times and activating Blitz mode a certain number of times.

Key Features

  • Ridiculously cute.
  • Free emojis for gamers.
  • The ideal choice for fast bursts of gaming.

Disney Emoji Blitz doesn’t have to hard like other games due to its licensing. It is a great game for gamers. Despite any form cynicism you might have, you will invariably see yourself dipping into it once in a while. You will rarely feel the urge to purchase any in-app, but it is a perfect palate cleanser when you just want to play something mindless. It is surprisingly annoyingly cute as well.

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