Dog Hotel – Play with dogs 2.1.10 MOD APK (Unlimited Money & Unlocked)

Developer: Tivola Games GmbH Android Version:4.4 Current Version:2.1.10
Date:Apr 16, 2021

App Review

Dog Hotel – Play with dogs is a real and a surreal chance to be a dog boarding manager. It is a great little game for anyone that loves dogs. You get an opportunity to learn useful tips about the care of real dog breeds.

The animation and design of Dog Hotel – Play with dogs is first rate. You have your dog hotel located near the beach and close to the mountains. There is an exercise course, a bathing area, an ostentatious boudoir for every dog, and a dog food menu fit for a canine king. The surreal part of the game is that you never see a human at all. Menus let you pick and choose any and all parts of each area that the dogs you are caring for inhabit. The animals look like real dogs of different breeds even down to hair, noses, and behaviors.

Each dog has a tale behind their life just like real dogs. A part of the way you get paid is learning about the dog’s preferences and adapting your care to what the dog likes best. This is a real world animal care skill and a skill that is absolutely necessary when dealing with people. You also have to make sure that the dog owner’s are satisfied so you get more points and can expand even more. This is a business game. All that you do is menu driven. You see more dog and scenery than menu.

  • A maximum of eight dogs can be boarded.
  • All common breeds are represented accurately.
  • Every task has a point value.
  • An infinite variety of room decor is available.
  • The exercise ground can be adapted to each animal.
  • The dogs are petted by an invisible hand.
  • Dogs behave and play like real dogs.
  • There is no poo.

Dog Hotel – Play with dogs is fun for anyone who loves dogs. You can play the game with your dog. You may learn some training tips about your own pet or find ideas for a new career.

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