Doodle Jump 3.11.23 MOD APK (Unlimited Money & Unlocked)

Developer: Lima Sky LLC Android Version:4.4 The Size:Varies with device Current Version:3.11.23
Date:Feb 08, 2023

App Review

Doodle Jump MOD – Doodle Jump is a mobile action game that seems mostly unremarkable of itself. However, it is important to understand that this extremely simple game can be immensely playable and addictive to any class of player. Although the needed ability to synchronize hands and eyes to play the game may not be yet be developed among preschoolers and younger kids, however, it is good to know that kids can easily get along with this cute tilting game.

As the Doodler jumps higher and higher, players are expected to guide and help him collect power-ups and at the same avoid hitting obstacles along the way. Basically, this can be easily done by tilting the device used for playing the game. As the Doodler advances in the quest, the obstacles tend to become even more deadly. However, the boosts become better as you advance in the game. Now, you stand to enjoy better features like rocket packs and springs.

Doodle Jump features a multiplayer option on its Game Center, with which you can either choose to play a random match up with other players or have fun with Game Center friends. Doodle is a bouncing alien who tries to get into the mother ship by vertically making attempts to navigate his way up a series of unending platforms. As a player, you are charged with the responsibility to ensure that a platform is kept right beneath his buoyant feet. This would only be an easy thing to do if you understand the technique. Along with obstacles, there are also lots of help and assistance along the way such as jet packs, trampolines, patrolling aliens, and collapsing platforms.

The real genius of Doodle Jump’s existence is the sheer addictiveness of its ultra-simple gameplay even though it may sound quite anemic on paper. Why not take a chance now and experience the fun by yourself.

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