DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE 5.11.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Dragon Stones)

Developer: Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. Android Version:5.0 Current Version:5.11.0
Date:May 22, 2023

App Review

DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE MOD – Games are fun, games that have survived generations and have remained relevant, are the definition of awesome. Dragon ball z falls in the last category. Not only has this game been available for a while, but it also has not become uninteresting over the years, rather it keeps garnering more loyal users with each passing day. The recent dragon ball z dokkan battle is not an exception to the rule previously set by other dragon ball games before it. Rather, it has won more hearts with its wonderful animated fight scenes.

The game is built in such a way that you have the character part/cars collector and as part tapping game and part board game. You can sit back and relax while watching your favorite characters battling it our in fantastic fight scenes; you also have the option of choosing from an enormous pool of characters. Yes, you can choose from a large pool of characters whether evil or good. This was possible as space and time were messed up by some mysterious person, mixing up the characters.

This exciting option is what is even more impressive about the game. Now imagine this person on the same team: Yamcha, Krillin, Burter, and vegetation. Burter and Vegeta are well known bad guys, but in this case, you can combine them with the good guys lime Yamcha and krill in.

The game has different levels, each level having its traps and power-ups, or battle enhancing items. The fight scenes are very fast. You fight by linking spheres that occupy the space between you and the enemy. The more spheres of the same color are linked, the more devastating the attack will be. In cases where the character’s color matches that of the sphere, the attack is boosted alongside defense. Lovers of Dragon Ball Z have a lot to look forward to in this excellent game.

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