Dragon Crystal – Arena Online 39 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Developer: Dragon Crystal Android Version:5.1 Current Version:39
Date:Mar 07, 2023

App Review

Dragon Crystal MOD is a role-playing game with a turn-based nature which implies that nothing moves until you do. It is about a young crusader traveling around a maze in the forest accompanied by a huge egg and fighting several repulsive foes. The adventurer eventually becomes the ultimate killing machine as more experience points, and better equipment is acquired along the way.

While playing Dragon Crystal, you will observe that the ground has fog covering all unexplored areas. Once an area is explored, a maze that is randomly generated appears. Each maze contains various sections with a selection of items, a cluster of enemies and a vault that leads to the next floor. You feel a sense of advancement when you get to higher levels as certain enemy-types though random are restricted to specific floors. At the start of a new game, scrolls, rods, potions and rings all reset. When these items are found at first, they have to be used to reveal their type. The item drops are random and the colour differs for each game. White potions may heal you in one game and paralyze you in another.


  • Fight different enemies.
  • Become the ultimate killing machine.
  • Unlock exciting new equipment.
  • An excellent graphical design
  • Discover new territories.

The experience is different every time you play the game due to the randomness of its major features making the gameplay very challenging in a fun way.

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