Drop Wizard Tower 1.0.2 MOD APK

Developer: Nitrome Android Version:2.3 The Size:23M Current Version:1.0.2
Date:Jul 06, 2017

App Review

Drop Wizard Tower MOD – This game perfectly describes a world thrown into chaos by the dark force taking wizards captives. The old egg that has become important to wizardry has been stolen. The life of all wizards is in jeopardy if the egg doesn’t find its way back into the right hands. That means the end for all existing wizards. You have been chosen to retrieve this stolen egg as well as free all captured wizards. An evil force that has captured other more powerful wizards is ready to put up a good fight with you and stop you from finishing your mission. So, you will need the help of other powerful wizards to defeat this strong, evil shadow that has terrorized the peaceful world of wizards. But getting to the location of this evil shadow will take you through so many places laden with obstacles. Explore a wide range of spooky wizard labs, temples, and many more dangerous zones. As you advance in your quest, you can come across missing relics which you can gather up to earn more points and power-ups.

As you journey in your quest, meet with other wizards by unlocking them. You can also uncover the special abilities of these wizards which will form part of your team that will be responsible for taking the fight to the enemy.

Here are a few of the features of this game as listed below:

  • Find all captured wizards and rescue them from the mysterious shadow
  • Form a league of extraordinary wizards to look for the missing egg
  • Fight off fearsome enemies with your skills and magical power ups

You are also on a rescue mission. Recover the old egg stolen from the wizard’s world. There are few wizards left, and you can join forces with these wizards to free the others that are captured. Get this game on your mobile and learn what it means to act as a rescuer for the helpless.

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