Dungeon Hunter 5: Action RPG 7.0.0i MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Developer: Gameloft SE Android Version:5.0 Current Version:7.0.0i
Date:Feb 15, 2023

App Review

Dungeon Hunter 5: Action RPG MOD – While many gamers are already familiar with the merits of this action role playing franchise, Dungeon Hunter 5 carries on the proud tradition of the series and is a prime example of the fact that things that are not broken should never be fixed. Whether you fight for good or you fight for gold, you’ll find plenty to enjoy about this title.

The world has been enveloped by a growing darkness and in order to pay the high price that justice demands, you’ll have to join forces with a wide range of online bounty hunters. This hack and slash adventure game is highly intense and filled with numerous battles as you take your journey for vengeance.

The graphics are top notch and game play is easy to pick up. The objective is simple: fight your way through various battles, while acquiring the weapons, armor and minions that you will need to win more battles in the future. Monsters and villains need to be eradicated and they need to be eradicated by you.

Fortunately, there are a number of features designed to help you along the way, including…

  • A co-op mode that allows you to fight with up to three other players side by side.
  • 69 different missions to complete, so that the game never has a chance to become boring.
  • Over 900 pieces of armory and weaponry to equip your character with.
  • Upgrades for your trap rooms that will make competitors rue the day that they tried to break through.
  • Weekly and daily events that offer the opportunity for a wide range of fun rewards.

Dungeon Hunter will certainly not disappoint long time fans of the series and there is definitely more than enough here to keep you occupied. To find out more about other games like this one, be sure to return to this site regularly.

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