Egg, Inc. 1.26.2 MOD APK (Unlimited Golden Eggs)

Developer: Auxbrain Inc Android Version:7.0 The Size:74M Current Version:1.26.2
Date:May 11, 2023

App Review

Egg Inc MOD is one of the best games released by Auxbrain Inc. The game’s features allow the player to hatch chicken eggs, build hen houses, hire drivers, and establish research to the most amazing and advanced egg farm in the universe. The player gets to produce eggs and manages the egg farm.

Just like every other idle clicker game, Egg Inc requires the player to tap the screen to produce chickens. The chicken produces, in return, produces the eggs for the farm. So, the more the player taps, the more chicken he produces, and the more eggs he gets in return. The preparation, hatching, and selling of egg process are done automatically. The player earns bocks from the sale of eggs. And the more eggs produced by the chicken in the player coop, the more bocks he earns from selling them. The player gets to face some limitations in production such as the capacity of the coop, the capacity of the truck that is used to transport eggs from the farm and the quantity of chicken that can be hatched at a time.

To overcome those limitations, the player has to carry out some research and do some upgrading. The player can use bocks earned to do these research and get new achievements such as expanding egg production, get quicker hatching rate, more egg values. The player can also expand his coop and hire a bigger truck to be able to serve the organic farm. The player can even sell off his farm once it has grown to a certain extent, start up a new farm, and start producing more valuable eggs.

Game features

  • Lots of research items
  • Dozens of missions
  • Numerous shipping vehicles and a hen house
  • Impressive 3D graphics

This game has a straight forward control. The graphics and sound of the game are also impressive. The gameplay experience makes you feel like you are achieving something. This game is ideal if you love a poultry and a farm.

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