Empire: Four Kingdoms

Developer: Goodgame Studios Android Version:4.4 The Size:Varies with device --
Date:May 26, 2023

App Review

Empire: Four Kingdoms MOD offers users a strategy game that also crosses over into the city building realm, making for a far more interesting experience. I particularly enjoyed the lack of ads and was immediately transfixed by the story line, where the objective is to become a Castle Lord. To get started, you’ll have to get your own castle up and running. To achieve true glory, you’ll also have to beat other castle lords. In a unique twist on the usual conventions of the city building strategy genre, you can only receive gold by taxing the citizens of your settlement. Building dwellings is half the fun and your ability to do so determines how much gold you are able to obtain.

If you do not construct enough dwellings, you are unable to collect enough gold to advance your society. If you build too many dwellings, the settlement becomes overpopulated and citizens are unhappy. Finding the right balance is very tricky and it sets the table for the true meat of this title: the battles that you will engage in with other castle lords. The map may seem dauntingly large, but there is no reason to panic. When are you just getting started, you are considered immune to attacks from other lords, which helps immensely.

One of the most crucial aspects of the game is selecting the proper alliance that can serve as your support system. Having a support system allows you to send espionage agents to conduct reconnaissance missions, military personnel to take a closer look at their troops and you also have the option to burn down their civilization if you so choose from. If you are anything like myself, you will greatly enjoy all of these added touches and you will also benefit from returning to this site as often as possible to learn more about a wide range of other games.

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