Epic Battle Simulator 2 1.6.35 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Developer: Rappid Studios Android Version:5.0 Current Version:1.6.35
Date:Sep 14, 2022

App Review

Epic Battle Simulator 2 MOD is a game where you experience outstanding game strategies. Created by the creators of Epic Battle Simulator, it aims to give you the best experience ever. This game is the most accurate and error free battle simulation game of our time. Its gameplay strategies, controls, and excellent graphics are beyond description. They are the best you can ask for in battle game simulation. From the first game battle scenario to the last is breathtaking and outstanding. As a player, you can form your strategies and choose your troops. You have the freedom to place your troops at a location you deem wise to beat your opponent. In Epic Battle Simulator 2, you play against levels.

Epic Battle Simulator 2 is beyond words. You have the freedom to improve your troop of armies. You have the opportunity to watch ragdoll effects. You can play in multiplayer mode with an experience of excellent graphics. This game offers you the opportunity to experience enhanced intelligence of the bots. What you experience playing Epic Battle Simulator 2 is an ultimate lifetime experience. The troops in this game are smart and are willing to help you win battles.

In this game, you have the privilege to use the new troops added every week. The gameplay, controls, sounds, and music are awesome depicting variety. You have the freedom to customize your levels. The well-designed and improved graphics make this game better and cooler battle game.


Once installed, you have access to unique features.

  • Opportunity to experience ragdoll and physical effects
  • Access to advanced army placement
  • Access to awesome army gears and stats improvement
  • Opportunity to upgrade your army up to three levels
  • Access to an advanced multiplayer ranking system
  • Opportunity to play in a well-designed and improved graphics
  • Access to choose and use smarter troops

Epic Battle Simulator 2 is a fun battle game that comes with improved performance. In this game, you fight in the most well-designed and improved game graphics. Get to try it out!

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