Family Guy Freakin Mobile Game

Developer: Jam City, Inc. Android Version:7.0 --
Date:Oct 31, 2023

App Review

Family Guy – Another Freakin’ Mobile Game is a unique game that got players matching drinks so as to be able to clear away some rather jumpy adult content. Thanks to Jam City. The game is one of the most recent games from Match-3 to hit the Google Play store. As you play along, you’ll get to know more about other parts of the Family Guy storyline and how to unlock them. However, there are certain essential things you need to learn about before proceeding further.

In the game, first-time players are offered 2 hours of infinite lives. So, when you start out, do well to go straight to the point as a free time lost cannot be regained. Ordinarily, it’s very simple and easy to match drinks but what really matters is how it’s done, as this can significantly affect your game. Players can make an impressive effect on their game by matching 3 or more drinks all at once. You are bound to acquire a bomb when you match 4 in a square formation. With it, you can take out a wider area in the shortest possible time. Other exciting effects and features in the game include

  • You can Clear an entire board by creating 2 special stars and matching them.
  • Make all the drinks of the same color vanish by combining a special star with a sample color.
  • Create a special star by matching 5 in a row.
  • You can clear a whole line in one go with a power-up obtained by match 4 in a line.

Before deciding to match up numbers, it would be wise to consider the implications first. Regardless of their position (vertical or horizontal), this action can affect your gameplay. So do well to play and strategies well before taking any action.

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