Farm Expert 2018 Mobile 3.30 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Developer: SimulaMaker Android Version:2.3 Current Version:3.30
Date:Oct 11, 2017

App Review

So, you think you can farm? Get your farming boots on and give Farm Expert 2018 MOD a try. From the previous simulation, you get to manage several types of machinery and a large farmland. This allows you to test your skills in ploughing, sowing, and harvesting. Farm Expert 2018, is the new and improved version equipped with features that make the farming experience more enjoyable and adequately challenging. You can now select from a collection of over 20 agricultural machines, with some of the latest machinery included. Navigate four (4) different world, and learn to farm outside your comfort zone with various farming activities available on this simulator. All these and more could be achieved with over 50 hours of game play.

The drill is the same, just better! Your task is simple; plough, sow, and fertilize, to cultivate grains like wheat and corn. Animal husbandry is now in the mix, as you get to breed cattle. Your major task, however, is to turn your harvest into products to be sold in the local market. The money from these sales can be used to purchase new equipment, machines, and products. If you’re a lover of fruits, get ready to cultivate orchards and sell your fruit in the market. All these and more are the different activities in the Farm Expert 2018 Mobile simulation.

Farm Expert 2018 Features:

  • 20+ Agricultural machinery and tools
  • Game play of over 50 hours
  • Four (4) farm worlds
  • Cattle rearing, availability of intensive labor; orchard cultivation.
  • Market and store to sell produce and purchase more machines.

There is so much more to be experienced with this simulator. Learn to shoulder farm management in four different worlds, manage resources, delegate assignments, make bountiful harvests, and acquire new equipment. The world of farming could not get any better as this is one of the best mobile farm simulators yet.

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