Farm Heroes Super Saga 1.88.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Lives / Boosters)

Developer: King Android Version:5.0 Current Version:1.88.0
Date:May 22, 2023

App Review

Farm Heroes Super Saga MOD – Just when you thought the Cropsies had finally been able to put a stop to the evildoing of Rancid Raccoon for good, along comes Farm Heroes Super Saga to remind us that a true hero’s work is never really done. This farming simulation game offers you the chance to grow the Cropsies needed to put a stop to Rancid Raccoon’s thievery once and for all. He has begun to grow his own crops, using them to travel from show to show and claim the prize money for his own nefarious purposes. However, the Farm Heroes are well aware of his cheating ways and aim to put an end to his shenanigans.

Your mission to grow bigger Super Cropsies than Rancid Raccoon, so that you can win the Country Shows that he has been stealing. This games uses excellent graphics to combine the fun of saga gaming with the joys of farming simulation, but you’ll need to be extra careful, since Rancid will typically pop up during the moments when you least expect him to.

You have the option of taking on this saga by yourself or enlisting your closest friends and family members and you’ll also have access to the following features…

• Over 100 well designed new levels to choose from, ensuring that there is never a dull moment.

• Quality graphics that serve to enhance the gaming experience for players.

• A wide range of brand new heroes for players to choose from and an exciting new Country Show to display your Super Cropsies.

• New all-powerful super boosters and several new game models.

• Leader boards that allow Facebook Connect users to compare their high scores to the scores of their friends and family.

Farm Heroes Super Saga maintains the same level of enjoyment provided by the other installments in this series and for more information about other Farm Heroes titles, this website is your one stop shop.

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