Farm Town – Family Farming Day 3.69 MOD APK (Unlimited Money & Gems)

Developer: Current Version:3.69
Date:Nov 29, 2022

App Review

Farm Town – Family Farming Day MOD – Live an idyllic rural life away from the hustle and bustle of the Town. Meticulously develop your little hay farm into a cartoon farm. Your goal is to not only build your farm but to get the Town solely dependent on your produce. And who knows you just might be appointed to be the Mayor of Farm Town!

This relaxing game is not difficult at all. But, It will give you pleasure as you watch your little family farm evolve into a lovely community. Grow various crops like berries, fruits, hay, vegetables, corn, etc. Then grow further into owning restaurants where you can make delicious dishes and pastries from these crops. Also, you can invite domestic animals like cats, sheep, pigs, etc. into your little farm enough to look like a zoo.

Next, increase your farm’s popularity by producing various hand crafts that tourists and residents can’t resist. Make eye-catching bouquets from your garden of beautiful flowers. Repair the steamship and encourage tourists from other cartoon farms to visit you. Once they are happy with your little farm, they won’t leave without giving you a gift. Participate in the Great city fair for the opportunity of selling goods from your store or buy valuable tools from James.

Game features include:

  • Optimized performance that makes the game more stable and enjoyable
  • Colorful, funny looking cartoon characters
  • Controls that allow you enlist the help of friends in the development of your village.
  • New Japanese kitchens with different delicious cooked fish dishes.

Be a successful business person while you experience the charming life of being a farmer and a producer in Farm Town. This hands-on game will have you so engrossed as you try to build your cartoon village into a production industry. Tell your own farm story, from its inception to the cartoon farm it is now.

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